“This emerging indie folk artist from Central Pennsylvania takes my favorite approach to the genre: a delicate vocal, a minimal sense of instrumentation, songs rooted in honesty and emotion and a sense of the unending journey we’re all on. There’s no flash or gimmick to Kerin Maguire’s self-titled record, just a collection of songs that will get you in the feels.” – The Key XPN

“Kerin Maguire explores personal philosophy and emotional intimacy in her recently released full-length album Self-Titled. Minimally adorned in folk instrumentation, the songs gravitate toward an ever-evolving understanding of the world and one’s place in it. Exhibiting an essence of hope for the future and an honest evaluation of past moments through narrative vignettes, Maguire finds a mechanism to relate on a universal note without sacrificing communicative closeness. We’re all just trying to figure things out one day/moment at a time.” – The Deli Magazine

“Kerin Maguire‘s album cover for Places features a childhood picture of Kerin smiling wide while holding a guitar. It sets the stage for the album’s 13 tracks.Places is the sort of record that can only be characterized as terrifyingly revealing to make as an artist. Maguire does not have loud, all-consuming background instrumentals or other band members to hide behind. Instead, Maguire makes music with her lyrics at the forefront and crisp vocals. On Places, she is vulnerable, and with each track tells the listener a story about something she’s learned or experienced throughout her 24 years. Like all of us, Kerin experiences dramatic highs and lows. On “Kiwi Green” she sings “life is so sweet like blueberry pie,” while on “Birthday Blues” Kerin thinks “karma’s a bitch and fortune cookies lie.” It’s refreshing to hear an artist so transparent and honest.” – The Key XPN

“Singer-songwriter Kerin Maguire recently shared her new LP Places. Subtle instrumentation shines a light on the earnest, introspective lyricism. Hovering the threshold between memories and chronicling current moments, the recordings possess a dreamy, intimate quality. It’s a thoughtfully charming, resonating collection of songs.”- The Deli Magazine